Episode ThreeDNA Ancestry

Lesson Goal Test genetic ancestry predictions against individual DNA test results.


Step One – Who Do You Think You Are?

  • Complete the Who Do You Think You Are? Worksheet

Step Two – Introduction to DNA Test Results/Tutorials

  • Goal: Learn how to use the 23andMe website; do tutorials on elements of different traits
  • Note:
    The original Finding Your Roots campers used 23andMe for DNA testing, which is why this document references 23andMe tutorials/results. If you are using another company’s test, they should be organized similarly.
  • Login to 23andMe (your parent/guardian will give you the login and password)
  • Go to Reports → Tutorials → DNA Basics → Start → Next (keep going) → More tutorials
  • Then go to Ancestry Tutorial → Start → Next (keep going) → More tutorials
  • Then go to Ethnicity and Your Reports → Start → Next (keep going)→ More tutorials
  • The go to Traits tutorial → Start →Next (keep going)
  • Click on Reports → Ancestry
  • Think & Write about this:
    What is your ancestry composition?
  • View your report for ancestry composition
  • Think & Write about this:
    What do you see? What did you learn? Were you surprised by anything? If so, what? Write about it!
  • Complete the percentage ancestry diagram on the Introduction to 23andMe Worksheet
  • Go to Haplogroup
  • Think & Write about this:
    What is your maternal haplogroup? How old is that haplogroup? In what region is that haplogroup typically found?

    Boys Only:
    What is your paternal haplogroup? How old is this haplogroup? In what region is this haplogroup typically found?

    For Everyone:
    Why do boys have two haplogroups listed in their report, when girls only have one?
  • Go to Neanderthal ancestry
  • Think & Write about this:
    How many Neanderthal variants do you have? Is this more or less than the typical 23andMe customer?
  • Head back to the Reports → Traits
  • Complete the traits chart on the Introduction to DNA Test Results/Tutorials Worksheet

Step Three – Wrapping Up and Making Connections

  • Print out the Wrapping up and making connections Worksheet
  • Grab a colored pencil and color in the migration story of your family (in one color) as represented by 23andMe. Feel free to use information that you get from family members! If you make a mistake, no problem, grab another map.


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