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The New England Historic Genealogical Society is a member-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing the study of family history in America and beyond, by educating, inspiring, and connecting people through their scholarship, collections, and expertise. The NEHGS, as part of the Finding Your Roots Genetics and Genealogy Curriculum Project working group, provided guest genealogists for all of the research and control camps.

“If we take time to think about our ancestors in their own historical context, we not only learn more about our family members, but also a great deal about history. And this is a great teaching tool! Because students (both young and old) are so much more interested in a historical period or event if they know that their ancestors were directly involved. It is also a very sneaky way to get someone interested in history!” -Lindsay Fulton, NEHGS Director of Research Services

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Our research-based curriculum can be customized and implemented by cross-content teachers over a time period of your choosing. Content has also been organized to accompany Finding Your Roots - The Seedlings video episodes!

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A workshop instructor and student examine a world map and discuss where the believe their ancestors originated from before conducting genealogical research.