Episode NineFinal Presentations

Lesson Goal Extend Finding Your Roots with your own research and prepare your final presentation!


Step One - Driving Your Own Research

One of the foundational components of this curriculum is the intentional time and space made for students to dig in and do additional research.

This can be an uncomfortable space for students and teachers alike; students aren’t used to being able to do what they want, and teachers aren’t used to surrendering control, letting students stumble through and be completely comfortable with not knowing.

We’re asking you to trust them. Your students/kids will come up with the most amazing questions, ideas and interests. Our job is to corral resources, ask questions, push critical and explanatory thinking.

  • What are you interested in learning more about?
  • List several things!

  • Got an idea or ideas? Great! Talk to your teacher or a classmate to plan next steps.
  • Have an idea and need resources? Talk to your teacher or a friend!
  • Don’t know where to start? No problem (Everyone has been there!).
  • Take a look at some of the suggestions and possibilities that are in the back of your workbook.
  • What looks good?

  • Now what? What do you want to know about these things?
  • Want to design an experiment? Want to do more research?

Step Two - Things to Think About When Preparing Your Presentation

  • Give a brief introduction so that your audience knows the direction of your presentation.
  • What did you make? What did you learn?
  • Talk about what was most important/interesting/surprising to you!
  • How does what you learned about genetics and genealogy connect to what your sharing right now?
  • Tell a story.
  • Ask questions, and invite questions.

Step Three - Your Presentation - How it Will Unfold

  • The first 20 minutes will be you and your family together (If you are doing this at home, your audience may also include extended family, friends, and neighbors.)
  • In a classroom, the second 20 minutes will be other families roaming through the room. If you are willing to share your work with other families, put a sticker on your computer signaling that you welcome visitors!
  • The final 20 minutes will be a wrap-up with your teacher with closing remarks.


Customize The Curriculum

Our research-based curriculum can be customized and implemented by cross-content teachers over a time period of your choosing. Content has also been organized to accompany Finding Your Roots - The Seedlings video episodes!

Explore the Full Curriculum

A workshop instructor and student examine a world map and discuss where the believe their ancestors originated from before conducting genealogical research.