Activity FourObservable Traits Survey

Young woman pointing at her hair to indicate an observable trait.

Activity Goal Investigate Shared Family Traits

Materials Needed


Your DNA expresses itself in your body in various ways, some obvious and some quite subtle. Some of your traits can be seen by looking in a mirror or by trying to complete a physical task. Other members of your family and the wider population may share many of these traits. Let’s start with identifying some of YOUR traits by filling out this survey. Each of these traits is an indicator of the genes in your DNA.

Once you’ve done the trait survey for yourself, ask members of your family the same questions and fill out a survey for each of them. It can be fun to ask them to demonstrate the traits for you, like the tongue curling trait and the hand-clasping preference trait.

See how many of your family members you can survey. The more surveys you can complete, the better the picture you can create of your genetic place in your family.

Print out as many surveys as you need for yourself and others. When you have labeled who answered the surveys and filled them out, add them to your family history book.


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